Cannon S520 Ghostscrpit Uniprint Driver

Canon S520 Linux Driver: bjs520pa06.upp
I created my own ghostscript uniprint .upp file for my Canon S520. It prints 600x600. I just copied the BJC-8200 and modified the margins. Refer to the Ghostscript BJC-8200 docs to modify this driver for 1200x1200 and different paper. Copy the above file to the ghostscript directory with all the other .upp files. On my Debian (woody) system, this is /usr/share/gs/6.53/.

I suggest using this driver with BSD-lpr or lprng. The filter command you need in your printcap looks something like this:

:if=/usr/bin/gs -sDEVICE=uniprint @bjs520pa06.upp -sOutputFile=- :\

I highly recommend using apsfilter and you can avoid editing printcap; apsfilter will setup the printcap entry for you. However, I couldn't figure out how to get apsfilter's config script to configure ghostscript for uniprint. So if you have the same problem, I'll give you a hint... after you configure apsfilter for a "PSgs" printer, make your /etc/apsfilter/<printer>/apsfilterrc file look something like this:

# don't delete these settings

# additional configuration follows
# insert settings as seen in /etc/apsfilter/apsfilterrc

I could not for the life of me figure out how to use my printer driver with CUPS. Instead, I found the Canon Bubblejet S800 / foomatic / gimp-print combination worked.

CUPS was easier to get running on my Gentoo system, but on my new Debian (woody) system I went for the BSD-lpr/ghostscript/apsfilter combo.