Stuff I've done that might be interesting to others.

Linux on the Sony Vaio R505EL
How to get Linux onto a Vaio PCG-R505EL. It's not as easy as you'd think.

Canon S520 Linux Driver
I created my own ghostscript uniprint .upp file for my Canon S520. It prints 600x600. I just copied the BJC-8200 and modified the margins.

Ad Hoc Network Routing Protocols
I did my M.A.Sc. on Ad Hoc Routing Protocols. I have posted copies of my reports, thesis and network simulator here.

A Win32 telnet client. Simple. Easy. It just works.

Crimson2 MUD
Codebase for the Crimson2799 MUD. This includes links to MOLE.

Bah Chal
Bah Chal is a national game in Nepal. A friend introduced me to the rules, and I subsequently wrote a computer version for my Newton MessagePad PDA (the Personal Digital Assistant long since abandoned by Apple)

Simple MS-DOS program to scan for and manipulate serial ports. Debug tool.

Bryan Cameron Lesiuk